Where does your offset contribution go?

Sustentur suggests the offset of CO2e emissions through internationally endorsed standards. The Plan Vivo System is a methodology used to compensate for CO2 emissions in both forestry and agroforestry systems. The Plan Vivo Foundation (based in Edinburgh, Scotland), endorse the standard; Plan Vivo has been implemented in Mexico (AMBIO- Scolel'te), Mozambique (ECOTRUST) and Uganda (ENVIROTRADE), among other countries.

Sustentur has signed an alliance for the offset of carbon bonds from the Scolel'te project, which is operated by the AMBIO Cooperative, based in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

Scolel'te is one of the world's leading projects when it comes to the sale of environmental services, specifically in forest carbon credits. The Verified Emission Reduction (VER) or carbon bonds of Scolel'te are located in the voluntary carbon market, which considers a price of US $ 13 per ton of CO2e.

The Scolel'te project is supported by institutions such as the College of the Southern Border (ECOSUR) and the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain), which in coordination with the National Institute of Ecology (INE), conducted an evaluation where the Scolel'te agroforestry systems were considered viable for the sale of the “carbon capture” environmental service.

Through the purchase of carbon credits to the Scolel'te project, 2,500 families from rural areas of the Mexican state of Chiapas are benefited and more than 9,000 hectares of forests and jungles of the region are conserved.